Discover Your Challenges

The first step in the T3 Fellows program is discovering key aspects of your business. This ensures that the course specifically addresses your needs.


Analyze sources of business and compensation plans for your agents.


Evaluate your sales team, administrative staff and leadership.

Marketing and Positioning

Explore your brand and message, current marketing assets, and competition.

Technology Systems

Inventory tools and systems, account for hard and soft costs and the logistics of contracts and renewal dates.

Paired with Leaders

Jack Miller
Executive Leadership
T3 Fellows
Stefan Swanepoel
Executive Leadership
T3 Fellows
Jonathan Kauffmann
Nest Realty
Garron Selliken
M Realty
Katie Minkus
Statewide Director of Sales
Hawaii Life
Vanessa Bergmark
General Manager/Partner
Red Oak Realty
Leighton Dees
BHGRE Generations

The Curriculum

Develop your vision and leadership objectives so all actions line up with your goals. Spend time on actions that make a difference. Benchmark your competitors and design a better business. Design a competitive value proposition to attract the right agents to your team. Build a team that grows your business together.

Hire administrative team members that will help you handle your growth and allow you to focus on recruiting and selling. Develop inside sales to convert inbound leads and follow up with prospects consistently. Use conversion tracking to improve spending on the lead generators that work.

Maximize your business return from listings by optimizing your listing promotion systems and tools. Optimize existing advertising strategies by kicking out under performing programs and investing in winners.

Balance your advertising and lead generation portfolio so you aren’t vulnerable to market changes.

Design a unique brand story for your market place to attract the right customers and repel the wrong ones. Develop a consistent style for print, web and social media to cement your brand in your customer’s minds. Develop lead follow up campaigns that tell your story and convert new prospects.

Design a talent attraction program that has agents calling and begging to join your company. Build custom marketing and sales library that showcases your brand and value proposition. Design a custom branded repeat and referral campaign to keep business you should already have.

Select and implement a next-generation team or brokerage CRM. Select and implement a transaction management and paperless platform to make your business more efficient. Hire an advertising management firm to expertly handle your online traffic.

Build a high performance website that converts traffic expertly. Select and implement an x-factor technology that drives your competitors crazy and delights your customers.