Frequently Asked Questions

We sincerely appreciate your interest in the T3 Fellows Program. Below we provide a list of common questions regarding the program.

It runs 12 months during which we will work with you on 10 key areas of running your company.

Yes! We let participants know that we become part of their executive leadership team during the 12 months they are our clients. We also address questions specific to your business on our 1-1 consulting calls. In addition to the 10 modules, we review trends and changes in the industry from our banner publications the Swanepoel Trends, Mega 1000, SP 200 as well as other key issues and challenges going on within our industry.

*If you require specific support, such has help executing a merger/acquisition, managing a technology project, or actual development of your business that is outside the scope of Fellows there can be an additional fee. We would make you aware of this well in advance if this was the case.

Annual retreats are held to coincide with the Sotheby’s Annual Conference.

We estimate 4 hours per week. Much of the work in the program can be delegated to assistants/staff within your organization. Keep in mind that we are handing you a business plan for high growth for your organization, so anything that is part of the program is designed specifically to help you grow your business, and is time well spent.

Yes. Participants are provided geographic exclusivity for their market. This allows open discussions amongst peers in the program during our webinar calls and at the retreats. This restriction is provided to the first brokerage or team that has signed on to join the program in their market.

We have a scheduled webinar at the beginning of the month where we discuss the key business topic for that month. We also go over the assignments for that month as well as have a live Q&A to answer any questions or challenges a participant might have. Around the 3rd or 4th week of each month, participants will have a one-on-one call with Dean to review the material and their assignments. As the lead, Dean is available to help each participant with any challenges that arise during the duration of the program.

No worries! We record and save all webinars and place them on our educational platform program. You will have 24/7 access to all modules, assignments as well as suggested books and business articles on key topics.

For pricing questions please contact Dean Cottrill using either the contact form, or calling him at +1-949-404-3357.

Fill out an application and submit. We will be in touch to schedule a call to review your application and answer any questions you might have.