A 12-month MBA-style Program for Real Estate Brokers and Teams

Transform your organization into a rapidly expanding, best-in-class brokerage or team.

Building Blocks of a Modern Real Estate Organization

T3 Fellows offers best practices and building blocks for a modern real estate company. Whether you lead a brokerage or a growing team, you face many business challenges that other leaders and managers have already tackled. Learn from those who have walked the path before you.

How does T3 Fellows Work?



We start by understanding your situation, then help you craft a custom growth plan. 

We guide you, step-by-step, in developing the most important facets of your business. 



We combine an online curriculum with one-on-one consulting. 

The T3 Fellows curriculum is organized into a progressive set of modules, each spanning a month. 



Then each program is run twice per year; participants must apply and be accepted to the program. 

T3 Fellows’ advisors work with you several times a month, keeping you on track and accountable. 

 T3 Fellows participants have geographic exclusivity while enrolled in the program to preclude any competitive conflict and to encourage collaboration.

Program Modules

Explore the topics covered in T3 Fellows.


Module 1

Participants determine the improvements they will focus on during the T3 Fellows program. By documenting their current systems, marketing assets, people, and financial information, participants get a true understanding of their company’s landscape and provide T3 Fellows advisors with vital information for effective consulting and analysis.

Competitive Assessment

Module 2

Participants assess their company and its offerings and how they relate to their competition. They develop a competitive analysis document they can use to uncover the differentiating points of their brand. This document can help design compensation plans, service offerings and agent support.

Strategic Intent

Module 3

Participants set their goals for developing their real estate business. Important questions in this module touch on exit strategy, financial outcomes and overall strategic vision. Participants also develop a plan to mitigate risks and create alternative plans to increase the likelihood that they will reach their goals.

Developing Your Brand Story

Module 4

Participants develop a clear brand and articulate a brand story that encapsulates and expresses their differentiating points. This forms a basis for marketing, recruiting and any brand-related projects. T3 Fellows advisors help refine and improve participants’ brand story so it is clear and addresses consumers, staff, agents, and recruits.

Recruiting Personas

Module 5

Participants learn how to focus their recruiting efforts. By creating recruiting “personas,” they get a clear picture of the types of agents that will best fit their organization. This clarity will drive marketing messaging, the recruiting funnel, positioning and the company’s agent offering.

Recruiting Process

Module 6

Participants learn and implement a set of fundamental recruiting practices. Based on the sales funnel model; participants develop best practices and activities for the top, middle and bottom of the sales funnel. This module helps show how to improve recruiting and establish personal assignments to make that a reality.


Module 7

Participants formulate goals for production, financials and recruiting. They also define the projects they want to complete within the following year. Participants learn how to set realistic production, recruiting and financial goals. They will also lead their agents in their own goal-setting activity and specify the projects critical to achieving those goals.

Business Generation

Module 8

Participants develop a plan for generating business for their agents. These plans leverage content marketing, branded materials and company support materials created by staff or service providers, and paid lead generation. The plan will be scalable and affordable, and participants will learn how to use it to differentiate themselves in agent recruiting.


Module 9

Participants design a plan for developing their companies’ executive and management teams. They evaluate their current management team’s capacity and determine where their business most needs additional talent. Participants then design a plan to develop existing staff’s skills to meet this gap and develop a plan to recruit any additionally needed executives.

Accomplishment Marketing

Module 10

Participants learn how to generate and market accomplishments. By planning for and leveraging awards, data and production statistics and testimonials, they differentiate their company, create a constant stream of press and earned media, and attract agents and consumers.



In the annual T3 Fellows Program retreat, participants develop their company growth plan. They work collaboratively and discuss obstacles to growth, staff development, and recruiting.

Participants prepare in advance for the retreat and have opportunities to present their work in the program to other participants for critique and feedback in a mastermind setting.

Additional topics include reviewing the financial performance of their company, affiliated services and offerings, and lessons learned in the T3 Fellows program.

Program Discussion

Hear what T3 Fellows Alumni have to say about the program.

Program Highlight: T3 Fellows Retreats

We hold two T3 Fellows Retreats each year. These intimate gatherings offer a small group of like-minded real estate leaders the opportunity to connect with each other, T3 mentors and T3 Sixty leadership, and receive specific, actionable feedback.

What’s it like working with T3 Fellows?

In any leadership development program, it is important that the participants get the support they need in order to make big changes to their business and to themselves. In this video, we asked our most recent T3 Fellows class what it was like to work with T3 Sixty, and this is their response.

What have you accomplished with T3 Fellows?

Accomplishments are an important measure of whether a program has been worthwhile. In this video, we asked our T3 Fellows participants to tell us about their accomplishments in the program, both for their business and for themselves as leaders. We think the results speak for themselves.


Learn more about the program from participants.

10 Steps to a Fast Growing Brokerage or Team

Looking for your playbook to growth and success? Whether you lead a brokerage or are growing a team, you face many business challenges that other leaders have already tackled.

Based on our work with hundreds of successful brokers and teams in our T3 Fellows program, we determined there are 10 strategies brokerages and teams benefit from focusing on.

In this flash webinar, Dean Cottrill, EVP of Brokerage Division at T3 Sixty shares 10 strategies and how to utilize them to assess and execute on key areas of your real estate business to have an almost immediate impact.

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