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T3 Fellows

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What is T3 Fellows?

T3 Fellows brings together ambitious broker-owners and sales team leaders with expert advisors and mentors to help them solve the complex problems inherent in building a modern real estate firm.

Vision, Leadership & Management

Nurture your leadership and define the entity you want to create.

Business Audit & Growth Hacking

Intelligently grow and generate revenue by optimizing advertising and lead generation.

Agile Marketing

Develop adaptive and iterative marketing systems that resonate with your customers.

Operations & Technology

Leverage systems and technology to successfully operate the business.


The T3 Fellows Experience


T3 Fellows Program

T3 Fellows is a twelve month program designed to transform teams and brokerages into best-in-class businesses.


Who is it for?

Teams and brokerages committed to developing operational excellence
in their market. By application or invitation-only process.

Who is it for

The Advisors and Mentors

Advisors are specialists with proven experience and expertise in brokerage operation and development. T3 Fellows will have consistent access to them throughout the T3 Fellows Program. Mentors are accomplished brokers who have already achieved the objectives of the T3 Fellows program. They offer their hard-won recent experiences from building their own brokerages and important lessons for entrepreneurs on similar journeys. Their recommendations are relevant to all T3 Fellows participants and their advice is proven and actionable in today's marketplace.

Jack Miller Headshot
Technology & Recruiting
Stefan Swanepoel Headshot
Executive Leadership
Katie Minkus Headshot
Statewide Director of Sales
Leighton Dees Headshot
Vanessa Bergmark Headshot
General Manager/Partner

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