Generate More Business for Your Agents through Sphere Marketing

As a broker/owner or team leader, it’s important to understand how to create a scalable and affordable sphere marketing plan that leverages content marketing, branded materials and company support materials to generate more business for your agents. Once you have your sphere marketing plan developed, you can use it to differentiate yourself when recruiting. Join […]

10 Steps to a Fast-growing Brokerage or Team

Looking for your playbook to growth and success? Whether you lead a brokerage or are growing a team, you face many business challenges that other leaders have already tackled.  Based on our work with hundreds of successful brokers and teams in our T3 Fellows program, we determined there are 10 strategies brokerages and teams benefit […]

Benchmark Your Organization to Close Gaps and Drive Growth

The secrets to transforming your business are found in understanding, developing and benchmarking a few key metrics within your company. Join us for this flash webinar, where Jack Miller and Dean Cottrill will be joined by Matt Fagioli, Operating Partner with BKG Brokerage Atlanta, to talk about his experience with implementing a scorecard process to […]